Visiting historic sites can IF DONE WELL, be an experience to carry with you for the rest of your life.  

If done badly, it will become a nightmare that will scar you emotionally as well as becoming bitter for the financial loss!

Europe has some extraordinarily beautiful and remarkable sites, Plan - Organise - Prepare and you will have memories and experiences that will give you an insight into the lives of those that lived at the time of the events.

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Austria Hungary

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Yeahh another bus tour.

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Do you have any suggestions if I want to actually visit Austria or Hungary?

The answer is yes, and this comes after several visits to both Vienna and Hungary.

DON’T think that the tourist office will help! They will give you brochures etc but no more. We asked for links that we could add to this page to take you directly to tourist information which the office has, but both Austria and Hungary have failed to reply to numerous requests!

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Budapest unfortunately does not have a worthwhile card. We have heard that 1 card offered will give discounts that can be bettered on the day without the card or give discounts to places you will not be visiting!

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So, book your hotel, buy your Vienna Card and enjoy! You also have no excuse not to visit Godollo, you can spend the night there or make it a day visit from Vienna. However, a couple of days in Budapest with a day trip to Godollo will open your eyes.


Do not forget to visit one of the numerous health Spas in Hungary famed throughout Europefor their healing properties


Visiting one of early 1900’s pastry shops found in Budapest is essential, indeed, as you will be passing through Budapest en-route to Godollo, means you have no reason not to pop-in.

Pastry shops are called Cukrászda.  Unlike a cake shop in the USA or the UK, they serve some of the most wonderful creations both to take away or to sit and eat in with all the offerings of a cafe. WONDERFULLLLL……..