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Habsburg Territorial Maps

1200 -1815Habsburg Dominions 170017001700

As can be seen on both maps, the barbaric Ottoman Empire had its northern border held back by Hungary and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Hungarians were occupied by the ‘Turks’ for 158 years, from 1541 to 1699, and naturally once they were expelled through military action, the hatred and mistrust for the Turks remained and indeed remain to this day. The Turks were barbaric, with torture, executions and inhumane treatment of civilians throughout their rule. The Turks ruled through fear backed by killings in the name of Islam. Not much has changed!

1914_Austro_Hungarian_Empire Austro - Hungarian Empire 1911

1911 map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This map is quite a remarkable creation as it shows all the various ethnicity within the empire, clearly showing how various groups, such as the Germans, were dotted throughout, whilst the Hungarians held the far east of Transylvania. On this map the Austrians are shown as Germans for some reason. What a wonderful map!


Austro_Hungarian Empire map of 1914 in a graphical image highlighting regions

1600 -1795 Map showing Brandenburg Prussia and Holy Roman Empire

New maps will be added shortly.

1561 Map of Silesia

1561 Map of Silesia (South at top)

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