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Please be patient.

We have listened to your suggestions and requests and have already enlarged 80% of text on this site.

We would like to make this site as accessible as possible for all visitors from around the world..That includes China,India and the middle east where text differences require additional planning.

Thank you all and indeed thank you for your input to date..

PLEASE let us know if there are any errors or omissions which you believe have been made.

PLEASE do contact us if you have PHOTOS or anything else which you think would benefit the site, we will happily add items and pictures and give credit if required or desired.

Our aim is to make the site a complete, usable and fun for all. There is so much to do and learn from the life, times and legacy of Maria Theresa, that we really would like to include all that is suggested.

PLEASE send photos and stories  Related to MARIA THERESA. ANY LANGUAGE



Maria Elisabeth

Maria Anna

Maria Carolina

Joseph II

Maria Christina

Maria Elisabeth Josepha

Charles Joseph

Maria Amalia

Peter Leopold

Maria Karoline (Caroline)

Maria Johanna

Maria Josepha

Maria Karolina (Carolina)


Maria Antonia


Martin van Meytens

Hofburg Imperial Palace

Austro-Hungarian Empire

Maria Theresa Thaler

Austrian Mint Thaler article

Blood Libel

War of Polish Succession

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