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The real power of major players in the Maria Theresa history, actually lay with women.

Maria Theresa, whilst being born into the Habsburg dynasty, did so at the weakest level possible for the time that she was born, that of being a woman. Everything was against her, yet, she and she alone would battle to get things done the way that she wanted to.

Its’s all very easy to say that she was born into power, but she was a woman.

It was automatic and instinctive for women to be the lesser, however, in some women, such as Maria Theresa, this seems to have created even great strength and determination. Indeed, she could not be queen of Hungary as a ruler, and the Hungarians really wanted her as their monarch and ruler due to her proven abilities. So, what was the solution? No problem, crown her KING..!

Maria Theresa of Austria Maria Theresa with her family

Women of real power